Treasure Hunt

What to do

Download the worksheet below so that you have it handy!


Go for a short walk in the E17 postcode and take photos of lettering around you. The Treasure Hunt asks you to search for and take photos of pieces of lettering in E17. It will probably take between 1–2hrs, but remember, you do not need to finish it all at once!

Number the photos according to the list (i.e. “#1, A handwritten piece of lettering” is “01.jpg”).


Feel free to interpret these as you like.

  1. A handwritten piece of lettering

  2. A piece of street art or graffiti

  3. A ticket

  4. Lettering found on the ground

  5. A road sign (for example, Dove Road)

  6. Lettering advertising food

  7. Lettering showing you a price

  8. Lettering that looks 3D

  9. Lettering designed to be read by a child

  10. A protest poster, sign, or billboard

  11. Lettering in capital letters LIKE THIS

  12. Lettering that has faded away

  13. Lettering that says Walthamstow

  14. Lettering that says the name of the building, for example ‘City Hall’

  15. Lettering that points you to a location


Take a photo of some text that makes you feel…

16.  Welcomed

17.  Included

18.  Joyful

19.  Isolated

10.  Uninspired


Send me your photos to me!