Area Survey

What to do

Download the worksheet below so that you have it handy!


Go for a short walk of about an hour in the E17 postcode and take photos of lettering around you. Lettering can be any letters in the environment, perhaps a shop name, a piece of street art, a street sign and in any language.


Choose five of your photos to send to me. They could be the ones you like best, or the ones you find the most interesting or for another reason. It’s up to you!

Mark where you took them on the map.

Reflection Questions

  • Looking at your photos, did you start to favour certain types of lettering? Can you guess why that might have been?

  • Did you stick to a route, or did you let yourself wander?

  • Did anything draw you off your expected route? What was it?

  • Did you find the lettering you were expecting?

  • What surprised you?

  • What do you think the lettering tells you about the area you surveyed?

  • What kind of lettering would you like to see more of in E17?


Send me your photos and map to me!